Friskies dog food ad is online!

We've been waiting a looooooooong time but finally, my first ever win for MOFILM is online, being used by Friskies through You Tube. Check it out on the Portfolio page! 

This one is super special for several reasons. Firstly, it stars my beautiful friend Rachel's eldest child Lily, and secondly, it was my first win for MOFILM. It was when I realised you could ask the Account Managers any questions you like, because *shock* they actually want you to do the best job you can. So I worked really hard on making sure I had a concept the client was after. But then I worked with children and animals...and that was a nightmare...even though both child and dog were very well behaved! 

So big props to Harriet Beaumont with MOFILM for sticking by me and helping me produce something I'm really proud of, and to Rach, for being ok to talk sternly to her daughter when all I could do was say 'please do this Lily?!'