Shooting Raw

Recently I purchased a 1000x speed CF card so I could hack my 5D mark ii with Magic Lantern and shoot RAW for more than 3 seconds (which is how long my 400x CF card would allow me to shoot before crashing).


I like how it looks! Considering the 5D is my second camera now, I am actually beginning to prefer shooting RAW although at only 25fps, over 1280x720p at 50fps (my typical set up). 

Obviously, the standard is continually rising and I can never keep up, but it can be fun to try and make the best out of whatever you have. When I get a paid gig, I can hire the gear. When it is just me I have the 5D mark ii and the 6D. SO I can shoot slow motion but only at 1280 which is pretty much obsolete now, or 25fps 1080 or RAW. Is 4K the new benchmark? I feel it is becoming that way...but would you want 4K on a go pro over 1080HD on a 5D?

I will never afford to be ahead of the game in gear, but it is imperative to keep learning and to at least know what your limitations are. And if there is one good thing I took away from Avalon, it's that 'constraints unlock your creativity.'