Shooting stock footage

Had some fun entering another stellar MOFILM competition last week, this one for Getty Images. They wanted to expand their stock footage library and so put out a brief requesting footage that inspired 'wanderlust.' 


We knew through the brief that they were after immersive, POV footage (Go Pro / Red Bull), but we went a different direction. Largely because we don't have access to Go Pros or UAVs or for that matter, really exciting activities! But we wandered through my sister's land and got inspired anyway.



Having had a crash course the night before on how to use the A7s and the Ghost V2 gimbal, we turned up bright Tuesday morning and straight away spotted a wild Deer. We quietly exited the car and tried to set up the gimbal...nothing. Half an hour of tinkering later, we could not get it to work and had to resort to plan B - glide-cam. I HATE glide-cam! But only because I cannot for the life of me operate it. Jono is the master and I have seen what he can do with it here. And if it weren't for Ben balancing it on the day, we would have been hand held!

It was hard to let go of using the mechanical gimbal, not having to worry about horizon shifting and much of any swaying would have been A-MAY-ZING. But it just means the next time will be even more special (eye-roll).

In the end - we got some nice stuff. I'm pleased! The contest winner has been announced and it was not (alas) us, but we had fun! 

UPDATE: We came 7th woot woot!